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Artificial Turf – Go Natural, the Unnatural Way!

August 8th, 2017 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

Love Greens but unable to maintain natural grass?

Worry not, we have got you a perfect solution – Artificial Grass. Artificial Grass is a surface made to look like natural grass whereas in reality it is made of synthetic fibers. Easy enough to maintain and sustainable for heavy use, an artificial turf requires no trimming or irrigation. It saves you all the maintenance trouble and you are left with perfect looking green grass. The best part is no mowing or using chemicals is involved!

With technology on a constant rise, Innovations have created drastic changes in your lives. Artificial turf is no different. In the last decade or so, synthetic turf has become the ultimate grass choice for homeowners,commercial property owners and managers. It enhances aesthetics of a space as well the functionality of public spaces.

One of the other numerous benefits of Artificial Turf is that it is Highly Durable and Saves Water. An ecological as well as environment friendly alternative for natural grass, the artificial turf can be used in residential lawns as well as for commercial applications. It enhances the beauty of terrace gardens, front yards or backyards and gives them a visual makeover.

Other alluring qualities of an artificial turf that are surely going to tempt you into using it are –

  • It always looks perfectly manicured.
  • Eliminates the need to worry for pesticides.
  • Does not act as an insulator.
  • Long lasting and saves the hassle of replanting expenses.
  • Play all you want on this turf.
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain.
  • It is completely safe as it is fire proof, water proof and is of no harm to children or pets and it’s lead free.

All these qualities make the Artificial turf a perfect choice!
For those looking to create beautiful as well as safe landscapes with artificial grass, we have some amazing ideas. You can write to us or visit us and let’s create a beautiful turf together!

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