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Green Deeds-The New Environmental Trends!

January 17th, 2019 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

‘A real connect with the nature is the stepping stone into nurturing a better planet’. One couldn’t agree more with this statement, as what we sow today will give us the fruits tomorrow. In today’s time the whole world is concerned about the dangers of global warming and climate change. Our capital is already battling with the ever rising levels of air pollution and environment and the hazardous effects of pollution on the life of human beings have now become the agenda at every global forum. The need of the […]

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5 Reasons why your Beloved Succulents are Dying

November 14th, 2018 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

Are your beloved little succulents not keeping well lately? Succulents are small and usually easy to care for plants.  But if you are facing trouble with the succulents, it means some usual things are not being done right! With some simple alterations you can nurse your little succulents back to health in a jiffy. So, all you gotta do is take care of not making these 5 mistakes and your succulents will have a healthy happy and long lasting life. #1 Planting Them In Small Planters The roots of the […]

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Air Purifying Plants – A Must-Have Trend for Homes and Offices!

August 11th, 2018 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

Breathing problems, skin problems, headache, allergies and fatigue increasing your everyday troubles? As the city struggles to deal with the currently high pollution levels, the harmful effects of air pollution have already caved their way into our everyday lives. To ease out the battle with ever rising levels of pollution some robust measures are required to be undertaken by us. One of the most simple way and economical solution for purifying the hazardous air quality around you is by bringing air purifying plants into your spaces. Whether it is lightning […]

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Enhance Your Garden With The Right Hedge Design

March 23rd, 2018 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

It is common knowledge: a garden is made up of different species of plants. These plants can be ornamental, fruit- or vegetable-bearing, functional, or even all three. Some types of foliage, though, can be both decorative and, at the same time, functional elements of a garden. Hedges are one of these. Hedges as Garden Frames One technique used by seasoned landscapers for designing amazing landscape designs is framing. This helps create a clean and tidy look for a garden. Hedge Designs The conventional image of a hedge is one of […]

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Landscaping – A Trending Solution To Escalate Your Properties’ Worth!

August 10th, 2017 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

First impressions are important when it comes to visiting any property. What catches your eye the moment you enter is bound make a long lasting impact on your mind. Which is one of the reasons home stages while preparing a property for an open house ensure that the yards are perfectly maintained. A creative as well as innovative way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces is by having them Landscaped. Anyone looking for potential buyers for a property should focus primarily on the outdoor space to look alluring, […]

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Artificial Turf – Go Natural, the Unnatural Way!

August 8th, 2017 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

Love Greens but unable to maintain natural grass? Worry not, we have got you a perfect solution – Artificial Grass. Artificial Grass is a surface made to look like natural grass whereas in reality it is made of synthetic fibers. Easy enough to maintain and sustainable for heavy use, an artificial turf requires no trimming or irrigation. It saves you all the maintenance trouble and you are left with perfect looking green grass. The best part is no mowing or using chemicals is involved! With technology on a constant rise, […]

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Finding the Right Gardener

July 1st, 2017 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

If you do not have a natural green thumb or you have limited resources for maintaining a healthy, beautiful garden, you might find gardening an ineffective and time-consuming task. Getting expert help and a good gardener can be your best option to achieve the perfect outdoor space. How to Find the Right Gardener Visualise what you want to achieve – You need to discuss the ideas and plans you have for your outdoor space. Start by determining the size of your space. Depending on the kind of service you’ll need, […]

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GREEN IN OFFICE Means Good Health

June 1st, 2017 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

Decorating your cubicle with plants is an excellent way to liven up your workspace. But did you know that apart from adding colour, plants also boost your health? US space research agency Nasa spent two years testing house plants and came up with a list of 10 which can improve indoor air quality . Studies also suggest that plants offer a visually meditative effect to the workspace, leading to happier and healthier employees who are more productive. “Studies have shown that plants in the office space increase productivity by 20-45%.Having […]

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Bonsai Plants at Haryali – The creatively crafted miniatures!

January 12th, 2017 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

Great things come in small packages!! Ever wondered what those miniature trees in different pots are? They are called Bonsai’s; Bonsai are miniature form natural trees grown in containers. It becomes more and more stunning as it grows, even prettier than those growing in the wild. Like all trees and plants, Bonsai also with a little care, attention and love remain healthy as well as beautiful for years. Growing Bonsai Plants is a creative technique and with the right shaping and styling it gets fruitful results. Over the decades techniques […]

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does Tulsi reduces the urge to SMOKE ?

November 9th, 2016 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

This is because the Tulsi plant reduces the stress levels in tour body and keeps A minty feeling in the mouth, curbing the urge to smoke. It is also called Holy-Basil Plant. Basil also fights cancer. Yes, basil’s antioxidant abilities have been medically proven to combat cancer and heal neuropathy caused by surgery. It very well could be the next big breakthrough in the field’s bustling anticancer progress. Basil is very effective in curing almost all varieties of respiratory disorders including Bronchitis, treatment of Asthma, and heals damage caused to […]

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