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Landscaping – A Trending Solution To Escalate Your Properties’ Worth!

August 10th, 2017 | Anuj Baghel | Tags:

First impressions are important when it comes to visiting any property. What catches your eye the moment you enter is bound make a long lasting impact on your mind. Which is one of the reasons home stages while preparing a property for an open house ensure that the yards are perfectly maintained.

A creative as well as innovative way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces is by having them Landscaped. Anyone looking for potential buyers for a property should focus primarily on the outdoor space to look alluring, else the beautiful interiors don’t stand a chance.

For those who are not looking out to sell their beloved properties, landscaping is an essential. As it makes you get the best out of your outdoor space and the end result is simply delightful. Now who wouldn’t want an aesthetic view around them?

And besides the realtors there are many other benefits which landscaping generates for a property, such as –

  • Leafy streets that have 50 percent cover have been found to add up to 5.4 percent more to the median house sale price, according to a case study by the Delhi City Council.
  • A broad-leaved tree located in front of a home can boost up the property’s median price by as much as Rs.10 Lacs reveals a Delhi/NCR-based research.
  • In addition to the cost of landscaping, design value of landscaping is another factor that has the power to nudge property value higher.

With some simple Landscaping strategies you can enhance the value of your home, like –

  1. Polish those edges – Spend your weekends trimming overgrowth of grass to clearly define the edges of your lawn.
  2. Plant in profusion – Lush landscaping can alter the dimensions of your outdoor space by giving it an healthy and positive appearance. Give your garden a visual makeover by some beautiful plants with colorful flowers on them.
  3. Add potted plants – You can use potted plants to create sections in your yard and add flattering height to certain areas.

With these simple tips you can accentuate your outdoor spaces by getting them Landscaped and also give a hike to their monetary value!

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